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Moment by Moment

The Bible says our life will be three score and ten. Seventy years may seem like a long time if you’re young. For those of us that are closer to that age it is only a blink of an eye.

No matter how long our journey of life, we live it moment by moment. The moment we marry. The moment our children are born. The moment we find our calling in life.

We develop a career moment by moment. We exchange those moments of our life to provide for those we love; to grow a career in our chosen field. Each moment we are making choices to become better as a professional and as a person. Each moment we make choices that define who we are in this world.

In aviation, each moment we make choices that effect not only ourselves but those that place their lives in our hands. The consequences of those moments may impact many others. For most in the aviation community we will never know how our moments change events.

We find a crack, that moment changed events. We find a worn bearing, corroded bolt, leaking seal, each change’s someone else’s moment. Even the moment a fly/no fly decision is made, changes someone else's moment, for good or bad.

As aviation professionals, we take our moments and use them to ensure a good and deliberate outcome. We may never hear the stories of the good outcomes because of our moments. We should always strive to make each moment count, count in a way that allows others to have the next moment.

Be Safe, Be Strong and Stay Professional,

Jeffery Howard

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